Youth Academy

The Denver Kickers Sports Club
est. 1962

Long gone are the days when individual human endeavor and grit were the basis for an athlete’s excelling in sport.  After centuries of trial and error, humans have come to the realization of what really works to enhance performance.  Data-based research on athletic performance is no longer just a trend or fashion; it has become an integral part of sporting activity, even at amateur levels.  This is true of both the mental and physical aspects of being an athlete.  Science is now an unavoidable part of life for anyone involved in sport. 

Given this, the Youth Academy will make sure all of its coaches have a workable knowledge of sports science as relevant to his or her team’s age level. 

Summaries, highlights, and links to articles of interest from a variety of sources, from general interest sports periodicals to university research, will be made available on this site. 

We will also draw on our connections with regional universities and colleges to offer periodic seminars, workshops, and other learning opportunities to our coaching staff (and other interested people) to keep us abreast of the latest findings in kinesiology, sports psychology, and integrated physiology, as they can be usefully applied to youth soccer coaching.  So, please visit these pages regularly for useful compilation of hints and information.

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